Shingles , hells teeth

Sorry about the break in posting again. But I’ve felt really out of sorts this last few weeks and I haven’t been able to put my finger on the cause, So a much needed call to My GP was in order just to try and figure out why I’ve been so lethargic and why my left shoulder has been giving me so much grief.

My pre arranged Doctors appointment was interesting to say the least, it’s the first time I’ve been consulted and diagnosed over the phone with a case of Shingles, but just for a change and not really a surprise I haven’t had the typical symptoms of Shingles, but I implicitly trust this Doctor and she has not let me down yet. After she had listened to my symptoms and whinging she came to the conclusion of Shingles which then started a bell ringing somewhere in the back of my mind and I remember the pain to be exactly the same the last time I had shingles, So as a diagnosis I reckon it could be correct. She has prescribed a drug that works alongside one of the existing meds I’m taking should help to alleviate the pain and discomfort, the only ‘problem’ is not a problem but a side effect is that I sleep a lot on this med, I remember this happening once before and today has been a bad day where I have been falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Sorry Lin.

Trentham Gardens looking great in the Autumn Sunshine.

Finally been out to visit Trentham gardens, Which actually turned out to be fun even with the social distancing that everybody was sticking with and the fact that I have not been “at the races” as the saying goes, I’m still getting very tired and the pain in my shoulder is still there niggling away at my mood.

The Aspergillosis Trust Calendar 2021 has been selling well and there are only a few days left to purchase one in time for the last post before Christmas, Actually the Royal Mail’s latest recommended posting dates for delivery in the UK in 2020 is: Friday, December 18. Any orders that need to be posted out by this date, need to be with me by Thursday December 17. Just to give me chance to catch the Post on Friday Morning.

And for this week that is pretty much it, another quiet week here in the mouldy old growers shed, perhaps there will be more to talk about next time, especially now there is a Vaccine in Play for the dreaded Coronavirus, lets hope it works out for the best.

Take care all. Stay Safe.